Charter Bus FAQs

Bus FAQs

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1. How can I make a reservation?

Making a reservation with La Class Transportation is easy! If you know what kind of bus you need, and have all the details for our trip, simply click here to enter our Quick Reservation system, where you can book your bus in only three easy steps.

If you don’t know what kind of bus would be best for you and would like to discuss your options, simply give us a call at (888) 299-3117 and we will work with you to match you with the vehicle that will be perfect for your needs. Just make sure you know the pickup time and location, destination, return time, and the number of passengers you have, and we’ll take care of the rest.

2. Will I receive a confirmation?

Yes. After we receive your online reservation or book your bus over the phone, we will send you a confirmation via email, which will include your trip details and payment terms. Once you receive your confirmation, we ask that you double-check all the information, to make sure everything looks good to go – then you’re all set!

3. What are your payment terms?

In most cases, we will ask for a 25% deposit within 2 weeks of booking, and full payment before trip departure. Your payment can be made by check, or by credit card with a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

4. How soon should I book my bus?

The sooner the better! We want to make sure we can accommodate all your transportation needs, but we do book up frequently, especially during busy times like weekends and holidays. If we have other vehicles available, we will be happy to take reservations on short notice, but booking as soon as possible is always recommended.

5. What if my trip runs longer than scheduled?

As long as your bus does not have another trip scheduled, we will be happy to accommodate trips that go longer than planned. A trip may be extended with approval from central dispatch, and will be charged by the hour once 15 minutes or more of overtime has been accrued.

6. Who pays for things like tolls, parking, and driver lodging on overnight trips?

Unless other arrangements are made beforehand, it is the client’s responsibility to pay for any tolls or parking fees that are incurred during the trip, along with driver lodging on multi-day trips.

7. Is it normal to tip the driver?

Our drivers will be professional and courteous to you at all times no matter what, but a tip after a job well done is always appreciated! If tipping, it is preferred to give your driver cash in person; however, you can request to have a certain amount added to your bill as a gratuity, and we’ll make sure it is passed on to them.

8. Are you fully licensed and insured to transport people?

Absolutely! We are licensed by the Public Utilities Commission, which is the governing body in charge of hired transportation in the state of California, and we also carry insurance policies that cover all our vehicles over and above the amount required by law. In addition, we are licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation, which allows us to do interstate transportation as well.

9. What kind of inspections do your vehicles go through to make sure they work properly?

At La Class Transportation, we maintain all of our vehicles to the highest standards in the industry to make sure you have a safe, reliable ride. However, our vehicles are also inspected twice a year by the California Highway Patrol to ensure compliance with safety standards.

10. Can I request a certain driver?

Absolutely! We know that our clients often develop a friendly relationship with their drivers, and will be happy to match you with your preferred driver whenever possible.

11. Is alcohol allowed on the bus?

Yes, drinking alcohol is allowed on your trip! We welcome you to enjoy beer, wine, or other alcoholic beverages during your ride, and to have a fun, enjoyable trip without ever worrying about drinking and driving.

However, the consumption of alcohol comes with certain risks. Should any passenger become intoxicated to the point where he or she creates a safety concern to other passengers, the driver reserves the right to refuse them any further service. In addition, any vomiting in the bus will be subject to a $350 cleaning fee. Broken glassware will also result in a $15 charge per item. And of course, any alcohol consumption by anyone under 21 years of age is strictly prohibited.

12. Is smoking allowed on the bus?

Smoking is not allowed on any of our vehicles at any time, and smoking inside them will automatically incur a cleaning fee of $250.

13. Is eating allowed in the bus?

We welcome you to enjoy some food or snacks in your bus; however there are some restrictions. Popcorn and sunflower seeds are not allowed in any of our vehicles at any time. In addition, any spillage of food or beverages that causes a vehicle to become unrentable to other guests will be subject to a cleaning fee charge, along with a charge to cover lost revenue for the duration of the time the vehicle is out of commission.